American Legion Commander Explains Flag Disposal Etiquette

Aaron Burrell

ALBANY, Ga. – The Fourth of July is often celebrated with parades, barbecues, and fireworks, but some people see it as much more meaningful.

“When I was 6, my parents and I moved to the U.S. and became citizens. I’m very proud of this country,” one person shared.

Independence Day is a time to proudly display American flags and show patriotism. Daniel Brewster, commander of the American Legion Post 30, believes it’s important to care for your flag properly.

“A flag should be flown when it’s in good condition. If it’s discolored or frayed, especially on the ends from flapping in the wind, it’s time to take it down,” Brewster said.

There are three proper ways to discard a worn-out flag.

“The first way is to burn it, usually folding it into a triangle with the blue stars showing. The second way is to shred it, and the third is to bury it,” Brewster explained.

Brewster feels throwing a flag in the trash is disrespectful to the U.S.

“The flag represents this country. Disposing of it improperly shows a lack of respect for our country,” he said.

One person emphasized understanding the true meaning of Independence Day.

“It’s about the ratification of our Constitution. It’s the foundation of our country, symbolized by this flag and the people who live here,” they said.

For more information on properly disposing of the American flag, contact the American Legion at (229) 435-5450.

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