Arizona Man Faces 45 Felonies for Alleged Gun Smuggling Across State Lines

Aaron Burrell

An Arizona man, Alexis Ayala Molina, 22, was charged with 45 felonies for allegedly smuggling guns and ammunition across state lines. He pleaded not guilty to 29 counts of assault weapon possession, 15 counts of tampering with firearm IDs, and one count of transporting an assault weapon during his court appearance at the Larson Justice Center in Indio.

U.S. Border Patrol agents stopped a suspicious vehicle near Chiriaco Summit on Monday. Inside, they found 29 illegal firearms, including 27 assault rifles, a bolt-action rifle, and a semiautomatic pistol, along with various ammunition. Fifteen of the guns had their serial numbers removed.

The driver, Ayala Molina, was arrested for smuggling the weapons from Tempe, Arizona, to California. He was taken to the John Benoit Detention Center in Indio and held on $55,000 bail.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to contact Gang Task Force Officer Martinez at 760-836-1600.

The original article was posted on KESQ.

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