Georgia bulldogs and south carolina gamecocks: a rivalry put on hold

Aaron Burrell

The expanded SEC is exciting, with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma making the conference more competitive than ever.

However, the 16-team SEC is losing some historic rivalries in the new schedule. For the first time since 1991, the Georgia Bulldogs won’t play the South Carolina Gamecocks this fall. They also won’t face each other in 2025.

Georgia and South Carolina have a long history. South Carolina was the last team to beat Georgia in Athens. Over the years, they often competed for SEC East supremacy. The rivalry intensified when South Carolina hired former Florida coach Steve Spurrier.

Will Backus of CBS Sports ranks the Georgia-South Carolina matchup as the top SEC rivalry that won’t happen in 2024.

“There is a natural distaste for Georgia among Gamecocks faithful,” said Backus. “The two programs share a recruiting footprint… there’s no love lost here.” The hiring of former South Carolina coach Will Muschamp by Georgia adds to the tension.

The Georgia-South Carolina rivalry is considered the 16th-best in the SEC. In the expanded SEC, Georgia has too many rivalries to maintain them all.

Georgia’s main rival is the Florida Gators, but their historic rivalry with Auburn is also among the conference’s most intense. Georgia also has strong rivalries with Tennessee and South Carolina. The old SEC format allowed Georgia to play all four of these rivals every season, but now they have just one permanent rival in Florida.

It’s clear that the expanded SEC needs a nine-game conference schedule to allow Georgia to maintain multiple rivalries.

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