Georgia Community Mourns Loss of Two Firefighters Found in Tennessee

Aaron Burrell

HINESVILLE, Ga. — A Georgia police chief is facing a tragedy after two Hinesville firefighters were found dead in a car in Tennessee on Sunday.

Hinesville Police Chief Tracey Howard said he knew Chandler Kuhbander and Raegan Anderson, who were also former high school sweethearts. They had been reported missing for several days before their bodies were discovered.

“I did,” Howard said when asked if he knew the two personally. “I had only seen Chandler… but I remember being around Raegan when she was a little girl.”

Kuhbander and Anderson were found nearly 400 miles from Liberty County in Anderson’s 2017 Ford Focus in Cosby, Tennessee.

Anderson was last seen on June 25 at the Liberty County Fire Services Station #1 in Midway, GA. His car was found in Savannah, and Anderson’s vehicle was spotted in Richmond Hill before being located in Tennessee.

“When we started the investigation, I didn’t realize it was her. Sometimes you lose touch with people, and when young people grow up, it seems like a short time before they’re grown,” Howard said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s (TBI) initial findings showed that Kuhbander and Anderson were alone when they died. The circumstances leading to their deaths are still unclear.

“I don’t believe the investigation suggests anyone else was involved,” Howard said.

The Hinesville Police Department will complete its investigation once the TBI finishes its own.

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