Georgia DOT to Open New SR 25/Houlihan Bridge Over Savannah River

Aaron Burrell

The Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) and its construction partners plan to shift traffic to the new State Route (SR) 25/Houlihan Bridge over the Savannah River on Monday, July 15, weather permitting.

Traffic will be rerouted about 0.5 miles before the bridge in both directions. Once the bridge opens, drivers might encounter occasional lane closures as crews finish final tasks. The old bridge will be demolished after the traffic shift.

Visitors to Houlihan Park Boat Ramp can access it through a new entrance/exit about 0.1 miles west of the current one. The entrance/exit to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge at Onslow Island will move farther east. There will be no dedicated turn lane for either the Boat Ramp or Onslow Island, and motorists should follow the posted speed limit of 35 mph near the bridge.

Construction began in the third quarter of 2022, and the new bridge will open after just over 18 months of work. It replaces the old James P. Houlihan Bridge, built in 1954, and the last working swing span bridge in Georgia. The new bridge is taller, with more waterway clearance and wider shoulders for modern vehicles.

“This is a major milestone for a complex project supporting significant commercial vehicle traffic and many distribution centers in the area,” said Georgia DOT Project Manager Trevor Brown. “Local stakeholders and the community have been patient during construction, and we’re excited to open the new bridge to motorists.”

The project also includes replacing the nearby SR 25 bridge over the Middle River, with construction ongoing. The entire project is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2025.

Motorists should stay alert and follow posted speed limits in the construction zones and on the new road.

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