Georgia Ranks Last in USPS Two-Day Mail Delivery Performance for Q2 2024″

Aaron Burrell

Georgia ranked last in a Postal Service performance ranking for first-class two-day mail delivery.

On Tuesday, the Postal Regulatory Commission released data evaluating first-class, two-day mail delivery for the second quarter of 2024. Georgia scored 63.70% on-time mail, placing it at #50 on the list, compared to 87.7% in the first quarter.

Georgia also ranked second-worst in the three-to-five-day mail category at 51.8%.

The USPS in Georgia has faced criticism for slow mail delivery times, especially after opening a new mail processing and distribution facility in Palmetto that has had numerous issues.

Channel 2 Action News has been reporting on the problems at the Palmetto postal facility for months, highlighting delivery delays, truck traffic jams, lost mail, and a malfunctioning MARS machine causing mail and packages to spill onto the floor.

Postal employees shared a video of the malfunctioning MARS machine, which shows mail and packages falling off the conveyor belt onto the floor.

These issues, along with complaints from residents in north Georgia, have lawmakers upset with USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. DeJoy promised at an April 16 Congressional hearing that improvements would be made within 60 days, but the deadline passed in June without resolution.

The new data also revealed that the USPS did not meet any of its performance goals in 2023, and the report included recommendations on how to address these problems in the future.

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