Meet Brooke Huckaby: The Youngest Female Mayor in U.S. History

Aaron Burrell

A 21-year-old woman from Georgia, Brooke Huckaby, is starting what she hopes will be a notable political career. She has made history as the youngest female mayor in both Georgia and the United States.

Huckaby serves as the mayor of Arabi, a small town in Crisp County with fewer than 500 residents. Besides her mayoral duties, she is a student and an employee at the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

She is pursuing a degree in agricultural technology at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. When not managing the town or studying, Huckaby works part-time as a support services worker with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Huckaby was motivated to run for office because she noticed a lack of interest in politics among people her age. She wanted to take initiative, saying, “The older generation won’t always be around to handle things for us.”

Despite some citizens doubting her ability to lead due to her age, Huckaby believes that being mayor is the best way to learn more about government.

How is someone supposed to gain any experience without putting themselves into the ring?”

Brooke Huckaby

Huckaby, at just 21 years old, didn’t start her job without preparation. Her father, Craig Huckaby, was the previous mayor and has mentored her since she took office in January 2024.

Lindsey Sword, who has served as city clerk under both mayors, enjoys working with the younger Huckaby.

“Oh, it’s been great! I like having somebody who can think of newer things and bring more youth to the community compared to our older council members,” Sword said.

Huckaby’s day includes schoolwork, signing city work orders, working at Tifton’s Georgia Department of Agriculture office, and helping with agricultural research.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m living three different lives because I go from interviews to class, then to work. Balancing all of it has been a challenge, but one I’m ready for,” says Huckaby.

With this early start in her political career, the question arises: What will she do next?

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