Savannah Police and Community Leaders Discuss Public Safety Solutions

Aaron Burrell

SAVANNAH, Ga. — “Homicides are up this year,” said Savannah Police Chief Lenny Gunther.

As violence increases in the Hostess City, officials, law enforcement, and emergency services gathered at The Hungry Club to discuss public safety.

The club was created to address important issues. The participation of citizens and public officials impressed Chatham County Chief Deputy Gary Taylor.

“I’ve never seen the collaboration and partnership among local law enforcement and public safety agencies as good as it is right now,” Chief Deputy Taylor said.

The meeting attracted people personally affected by the violence, like Tanaka Stringer, whose son was murdered just five days before his 21st birthday.

“I am a surviving mother myself. I was broken,” Stringer said.

Saturday’s meeting gave her hope that Savannah’s leaders are committed to reducing violence.

“Today it seems like they’re starting to understand that when something happens, it affects the whole community,” Stringer said.

Chatham County Commissioner Tanya Milton believes the violence is not just due to the heat but also the environment children grow up in.

“It’s important because we have a future to consider. These kids, they’re like babies—13, 14 years old, up to 19 and 20—and they have guns,” said Commissioner Milton.

Saturday’s meeting is a step towards a less violent Savannah.

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