Savannah Police Evict Homeless Camps: The Impact on Pets and Rescue Efforts

Aaron Burrell

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Homeless camps along Wheaton Street are closing down, leaving people and their pets without shelter.

The camp near East Broad in Savannah was shut down on Wednesday. The city informed occupants of the closure back in April. The land is privately owned, and the owner requested the city’s help to move the camp. After four months of working with the camp residents, Savannah Police officers informed them they had to leave and helped with the evacuation.

Jennifer Taylor, who runs Renegade Paws Rescue, has been helping people in homeless camps with their pets for years. She and volunteer Butch Krishnamurti were at the Wheaton camp on the day it closed. They took in animals whose owners could no longer care for them.

“We moved some people to other camps temporarily, helped a family move into a hotel, and took in some animals until their owners could get them back,” said Krishnamurti.

Jennifer DuLong, Executive Director of the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, said outreach teams have been in contact with camp residents and consistently offer services to those in need. However, there are few pet-friendly shelter beds available in the city.

Despite animal shelters and rescues being full, Taylor said taking in animals from the camp was an easy decision. “Even if you don’t have money or family, you have your pet. Sometimes that’s all you have. Most homeless people love their pets and will do anything for them,” she said.

Taylor hopes pets will be reunited with their owners soon but wants people to understand the problem involves both the animals and their owners. “It’s about people too. We need to focus on both ends of the leash,” she said.

While some found temporary shelters, many are still searching for a permanent solution.

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